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Service Times

  • Sunday: 9:00a, 11:00a, & 4:30p

We are excited to be back with our in-person worship experiences! We will be rallying both adults and kids to in-person worship experiences with capacity limits that allow for social distancing.  


We will no longer be requiring sign-ups for attending church services on Sunday. We have opened up space and mobilized enough volunteers to handle maximum numbers that are well above what we have been currently seeing on a weekly basis. 


We will be running with full children's ministry experiences available at all services. While masks will not be required most of the time, we do ask that parents send kids with masks for those moments when the kids are not able to be socially distant and might need to wear a mask briefly. 


Please consider arriving 15-20 minutes early to allow time for the extra precautions detailed below. Service durations will also be shortened to be right at an hour in length, In order to manage and clean/disinfect between services.


Please help us as we initially begin meeting. We will be asking everyone to not shake hands or give hugs. While you may be comfortable with that level of contact, there are others who are not. So we will be respecting the social distancing as we start up again. For those unable to come or not yet ready to gather in a larger group setting, our online services will be continuing at 9:00a, 11:00a, and 4:30p.


We will be operating under a mask-optional approach due to the removal of mask requirements for all those vaccinated. Please be wise, respectful, and responsible. Based on your current situation, it may still sometimes make sense to wear a mask. 


We will be participating in a shortened but full service that includes singing. Studies have shown that singing out with any power does tend to spread germs more easily. While masks will remain optional during singing, be wise considering your personal situation.


We will not be passing Friendship Registers, Offering bags, or Bibles. This is in order to again limit the amount of contact that may spread the COVID-19 virus. The Friendship Register is now available digitally through our app, or on our website under the Resources tab. The offering will be collected by ushers at the door after the service, who will be holding the offering bag. At this time, physical Bibles will not be passed out either. Access to digital Bibles are available by phone in many ways. We would recommend the ESV version from YouVersion.


We will continue to have sections dedicated for those who wish to maintain social distancing as we also begin to open up some less distanced seating for those who have been vaccinated or who have already had Covid. Ushers will be helping you be seated and released after the service. Please help out by following directions well.


We now have hand sanitizer dispensers mounted on the walls around the atrium. Feel free to use the sanitizer as you enter and/or as you leave, as you feel needed.


We will have restrooms open and available. Feel free to use as needed, but please be aware of trying to respect social distancing, or have your mask up.

Water Fountains and Café

We will have water fountains turned off. The Café will be closed, so we will not have coffee or teas. Again, we are simply limiting the touch contact.

Exit After Service

After the service, the ushers will release row by row with socially distanced sections being released first. Please remain seated until the ushers release you. We would also ask that you move out of the atrium and head outdoors rather quickly. This will help limit social distancing while indoors. It will also allow us to begin cleaning the worship center and atrium before the next service. Once outdoors, feel free to interact with other families before departing.