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Caring for the vulnerable in Jesus' name



First Response Church

As a first response church, Summit Point Church meets needs that are presented to us by The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) throughout the year and include many different needs that arise. An online mailing list is above where you can enter your information to receive regular updates on needs in the foster care community. You can see all current Z7TEN needs by clicking the button above.

If you have any questions questions, please contact our Administrative Assistant for Missions, Elissa Hodel at  or 309-713-1700.


Mentoring with TFI will take the form of tutoring, job and life skill training, as well as relationship building with a young man or woman in the foster care system. It is a one year commitment for those 21 years and older able to complete a successful application and background check. There will be mentor trainings and information sessions that will be made available for those interested.

Families and Impact Groups Serving Families

Families Serving Families is a great way for a families or impact groups to get involved in the lives of families affected by foster care, which can take the form of making and delivering meals, acts of service, respite care, and growing a solid relationship of support with families. There will be an application and training process, a successful background check and home inspection, and will be a commitment for one year. 

The 12 Tangibles

The 12 Tangibles are practical ways you can help out the foster care community throughout the year that touch all aspects of the community. 

Service Projects

Project Sunshine

Children are brought into foster care at all hours of the day or night and often wait hours in agency rooms while workers try to find available homes.  These rooms are also used for parent/child visits. Project Sunshine transforms outdated and unwelcoming rooms into beautiful spaces for kids & their families!

Project Renovate

Project Renovate is a local ‘mission trip’ that reaches out to foster families in need while at the same time raises support for The Forgotten Initiative with projects like deep cleaning a home, landscaping or giving a room a makeover!