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"Revelation of Jesus" Resources


Here you can find the resources for

the Revelation of Jesus series


In a Three-Part Sunday Series, we will walk through the Book of Revelation.

In addition, we will have a Winter/Spring Study on Wednesday nights in 2023 that will dig deeper into some of the details of Revelation with supporting texts from Daniel, Zechariah, and Matthew.

It should be a phenomenal year of learning and worshiping! So, as we embark on this journey, let’s prayerfully and faithfully seek to learn more of the depth and riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!

God bless as we all join together! Here we go! 



Revelation of Jesus:
Wake-Up Call

Revelation 1-3

As we dig in to the Book of Revelation, we will be seeking to fan the flame of our worship of Jesus and embrace the blessings that He promises for those who read and hear the book. Revelation is a wake-up call for the Church. God has a plan, He is moving quickly to an end that places Him as Lord over all forever. So, how should we as a church respond? This is our wake-up call!

Download the Revelation of Jesus: Wake-Up Call Book
Watch the Sermon Series Here



Revelation of Jesus:
The Thunderous Sevens and The Copycat

Revelation 4-19

How will the end unfold? How will the final years play out? Ever wondered what God will do to show His authority and power and put all things ultimately under his rule? This section of the book of Revelation reveals God at work (the thunderous sevens) and Satan trying to keep up (the copycat). This portion of the book explains the final seven years and shows how God’s wrath is poured out, how many are saved, and how Christ comes to rule.
Download the Revelation of Jesus: The Thunderous Sevens and The Copycat Book
Watch the Sermon Series Here



Revelation of Jesus:
A Deeper Dive

6-Week STudy

Watch our 6-week study—Revelation of Jesus: A Deeper Dive—today! In this study, we will be dovetailing off the Sunday sermons by diving in and working together to grasp the depth, richness, and worship of studying the End Times through the lens of the Book of Revelation, as well as many other passages in both the Old and New Testaments.  

Download the book here.
Watch here.