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Modeling a Deep Desire for Jesus


The Women’s Ministry of Summit Point Church is passionate about coming alongside the women of the church to help build a deeper desire for Jesus. The vision of Summit Point is to build complete disciples primarily through the Sunday morning worship experience and impact groups. Our goal is not to detract from that vision, but to enhance and supplement the purpose of the church. 

We want to worship together, to study God’s word together, and to face life’s issues together.

In order to do that, we provide two opportunities per ministry year to come together as a large group where we worship the Lord through music and God’s word. Not only do we worship together at those meetings, but we are intentional about encouraging each other and sharpening one another. 

Continuing with that passion, we have study groups twice a year where we study God’s word. Each study group includes a teaching time and discussion groups led by a woman who cares for the members of the group through prayer and encouragement. We laugh together, share with each other, comfort one another, and ultimately seek to glorify the Lord side by side.

Our hope and prayer is that, whether involved in the large group time or the study groups, each woman will leave different than she came – closer to the Lord, closer to each other (Romans 15:5-6 ).


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CLIMBING UP TO THE HEART OF GOD // DAILY E-MAIL - In this daily e-mail, Jonna focuses on her response to Summit Point’s reading plan. "I have loved diving into God’s word and sharing my thoughts with women, hoping and praying that God would use me to be an encouragement to them."

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HIDDEN REFLECTIONS // BI-MONTHLY BLOG/E-MAIL - "If you struggle, like me, to see that overflowing peace and satisfaction are found in being able to reflect the unfading and undefiled beauty of the Lord, rather than exhausting yourself trying to measure up (or should I say down) to a number on the scale… If you need to be reminded that your value has nothing to do with your size, I would like to come alongside you and encourage you as your sister who is right there with you. I need that encouragement just as much as you do. I need to constantly be reminded that I am not a disappointment to the Lord, but instead, I’m His little girl who He loves…and you are, too. Do you need that reminder, too? If so, I hope this blog/e-mail, 'Hidden Reflections,' will help you to 'be transformed by the renewal of your mind (not by the renewal of your wardrobe)' (Romans 12:2)." ~Jonna

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CHOSEN AND CHERISHED // WEEKLY PODCAST - Each week, we will take a look at scriptures that Jonna wrote about in her devotional, Climbing Up to the Heart of God. She will look at how those scriptures work together to help us grow in our understanding that we are chosen and cherished by the Lord… and so we will choose and cherish Him. We don’t just study the word for information, but for transformation!

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