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  • Will we prepare for the trip as a team?

Yes! There will be a two-week class as well as an informational meeting prior to the trip. This will teach the team a bit about the past, present, and future of Israel. More information about this will come in the months before departure.

  • Can I do anything now to prepare?

While this trip is a great opportunity to enjoy the country’s rich history, it does take a bit of work to get to certain sites. Our recommendation would be to walk 10,000-12,000 steps (approximately 3-4 miles) three times per week for several months before the trip in order to prepare for the walking in Israel!

Also, we suggest studying up on the current political situation in Israel.This will give you an even richer experience, as you can take in your surroundings and understand the complexity of the culture. (Did you know: Bethlehem is in Palestinian Territory. The security level of Bethlehem is described as Area A, meaning Israeli citizens are not allowed inside.)

  • Do I need any shots? What do I do about carrying prescription medications?

No, you do not need any shots to travel to Israel. However, you may want to check with your doctor for any health related information before traveling.

If you have prescription medication, you may want to obtain a pre-written prescription to bring with you on the trip so that if you were to lose any medication, you could get a refill while in Israel.

  • What documents will I need?

A passport that is valid at least six months after the return date (i.e. valid until at least April 2021)

*There will be a documentation meeting a month or two before the trip to review this information and make sure everyone is on the same page and set to go to the Land of the Bible!*