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  • What’s the activity level?

Though there is a bus that will take the team from each site, there will be times where there is heavy walking, long periods of time standing, or walking up a lot of stairs. It is definitely doable, but it is wise to prepare (refer to "Preparation" page)!

  • What can I expect of Israel as a country?

Israel is a first-world, developed country. Water, food, health, and safety are basically as good as you would expect in the United States.

Right outside the Old City of Jerusalem, you will see Mamilla Mall, complete with an American Eagle, Nike Store, and the Israeli version of Starbucks—Aroma Coffee. Until you see the Hebrew and Arabic signs and realize you don’t understand the language people are speaking, you may feel like you’re in the States!

In the cities, many Israelis and Palestinians are religious; however, most people you see will be dressed just like you. The food is good, the smells are amazing, and the shopkeepers in the Old City of Jerusalem love their sarcasm! You will see humorous signs trying to lure you into stores, such as “This is the right way!” with an arrow pointing into the shop. Be polite, but also recognize that the shopkeepers will do anything to make a sale. Don’t be afraid to say “no” or just keep walking.

As for safety, Israel is centered in the Middle East, but is also strongly secured by the Israeli Government. Travel with the group or with a partner at all times. Respect the culture, pay attention to signs (much of what you see will have an English translation), and enjoy your time! It’s a beautiful country with amazing people. Have a great time enjoying the culture that is seen in the Bible!

More about the culture and customs will be discussed in our two-week class.

  • What will the weather be like?

In October, Israel begins to cool down in most places. It’ll be an average in the mid to high 60s with a high of mid to high 70s. There’s also the potential for weather in the 50s. You should also note, though, that the weather can change drastically depending on where you are in the country. If you’re in the Hill Country (Jerusalem/Bethlehem) or on the Coastal Plains (Tel Aviv/Caesarea), you’ll catch some cooler temperatures with a breeze. If you’re in the Jordan Rift Valley (Jericho/Dead Sea/Masada), it’ll be warmer, with temperatures potentially in the high 70s up to the low 90s.

So, the key to Israel… layering! Bring sweatshirts/sweaters to go over lighter shirts so that you’re prepared for any weather. The end of October is also nearing closer and closer toward Israel’s rainy season, so bring a rain poncho or rain jacket just in case we catch some showers!

More information will come on what clothing to wear as we get closer to the trip.

  • What will meals be like?

At every breakfast and dinner, there will be a buffet of Israeli cuisine. It will include large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits. Due to Kocher Law (Jewish Food Regulations), the morning buffet will include dairy-based products, and the evening buffet will include meats, as well as local specialties, such as hummus and pita. There won’t be bacon… :) 

Each day for lunch, the group will stop somewhere for you to get a local meal. You will be responsible for the cost of all lunches that you choose to purchase. 

We would recommend each person also brings $50 in single dollar bills for waters, sodas, or other drinks. 

  • Will the pastors be leading the trip?

The trip is predominately led by a licensed Israeli tour guide. Our tour guide will be with us the entire trip and will give insight into the country both on the bus and at the sites! However, at many of the stops, a Summit Point Pastor will bring a worshipful challenge and focus. 

  • Will we have free time to get souvenirs?

Yes! There will be plenty of places during the trip to get souvenirs. Especially in Bethlehem and the Old City of Jerusalem, you will have time to walk around the various shops. More tips will come in the coming months on how to bargain in Israel.